Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween: Jack O'Lanterns, Stitches, and a Witch

Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a tendency to be a little cautious and worried when my kids are involved. While other toddlers are climbing the jungle gyms with ease my children (except Darrien, because Darrien has always been an exception to the rule) are holding tightly to railings and waiting for my reassuring smile and hand to lead them to the slide. In fact, Lathaniel just started walking to the slide by himself instead of scooting along on his butt to get there. But with four kids during Halloween time, I guess it proved a little hard to keep everyone safe, even for me. Pumpkin carving, an eight year old who rushes through most things, and a knife equaled a bloody trail that looked like a crime scene, an overreacting mom, and three stitches in Darrien's thumb. But don't worry, Halloween was a huge success! Ashlyn dressed as Hermoine, Darrien was Ghost Face, Emily was a sparkly good witch, and Lathaniel was Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Turtle. Each costume matched their personalities perfectly. And even me, the hater of Halloween, had a good time.

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