Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Of McDonald's

I promised myself I would have more time off this summer. I promised it would be relaxing and fun. So, at least I have kept part of my promises. Parts have been relaxing, and my sink full of dishes can attest to that. Parts have been fun, and my kids might agree depending on when you ask them. Unfortunately, I have not worked less. In fact, this has been my busiest work summer yet.

The problem with summer work is that it leads to guilt. The guilt leads me to procrastinate about a number of things. And this all leads to the Ashlyn, Darrien, Emily, Lathaniel, and I getting out of the house to do something. Most often this means shopping or eating, since the weather hasn't been all that great. Eating usually means McDonald's because the kids can run around and play. So here I sit In the play area. At least Darrien said, "This is the best day ever!"

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lathaniel Wades Alone

Lathaniel is very thoughtful. He made sure to take Francesco Bernouli (Cars 2) swimming, too.

Lathaniel hugged the side for most of the afternoon.

Lathaniel can splash it out, but he cannot take it.

Lathaniel shivered almost the entire time, but was the last to get out of the pool.

Emily's Escapades

Do these goggles make me look silly? Yes, Emily felt goggles were indeed necessary despite the fact that she was not putting her face under the water.

Sun-bathing beauty. Don't worry, we slathered on the SPF before attempting this daring stunt.

She did it! She actually put her head under the water.

Ooh, the goggles do come off:)

"Darrien, Don't!"

Darrien just hanging out in the pool (a rare sight). Most of my chaperoning of the pool was spent telling him "Don't ...."

The pool is not for diving or jumping, but Darrien can make the best of it with his daring antics.

It's freezing!

Don't let the smile fool you!

Ashlyn's Aquatic Adventures

Ashlyn must be plotting her next splash move. Who to splash next, Darrien or Emily?

It's quite cold in the pool, so Ashlyn needed to heat up in the sun.

Making waves!

Ashlyn in the midst of a twirl.

Sitting by the Pool

Here I am supervising the kids as they splash and play.

Swimming Pool Fun

After very little consideration while shopping with Ashlyn, Darrien, Emily, and Lathaniel (note that Larry was not with us), I purchased a shallow, but wide above ground pool for the kids. It is as Darrien said, "the best thing you ever bought for the house." I have to admit, it is pretty darn cool. Well, anything that can keep all four kids entertained for a couple of hours is. I am looking forward to many more hot days this summer in my backyard with my children.