Thursday, June 23, 2011

Animal Matcher

Lathaniel, my only child who does not speak, proves to me each and every day that he is selectively mute. How could a boy who listens so well to directions and can do any task you ask of him, even more complex tasks, be unable to say anything other than "no", "cheese", "Darrien", and a handful of other words and phrases?

My conclusion is that my little man is just the smart and quiet type. Take tonight for instance. As he was conducting a nonviolent protest against using his potty, I decided to at least do a little animal identification lesson. We started with the frog and turtle in his potty seat. The scene played out like this:

Me: "Lathaniel, touch the frog."

Lathaniel touched the frog.

Me: "Lathaniel, touch the turtle."

Lathaniel touched the turtle.

No hesitation, no mix ups, just a yeah I know this swagger. Now, I know this might not sound very impressive, but here comes my terrible-mother-confession, I've never explicitly taught Lathaniel the names of the animals. Sure we read books with animals and we visited the Woodland Park Zoo last summer, but it was all casual encounters of the animal kind. Still I know, you're not impressed, but he didn't just match those animals, he also matched all the animals on the safari shower curtain (monkey,zebra, giraffe, alligator...).

So, Lathaniel may not be a genius, but he definitely is a sharp little lad, despite my neglecting to actually teach him anything. And, I guess that proves that language is acquired just as Stephen Krashen's research assured me it was.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Darrien's Last Baseball Game

I'm sad to say that Darrien's baseball season has come to an end. Darrien is much improved. This is his third year playing, and I think the hand-eye coordination is finally matching his knowledge of the game.

Yes, that is Darrien picking his nose while in the outfield. The kids play all the positions at some point. Darrien's favorite is the pitcher, but he is not actually pitching at the position, a pitching machine is responsible for that. I believe it is his favorite because the coach for the other team feeds the pitching machine, which means Darrien has someone to talk to the entire time. He also played first base this game and did well.

And yes, that is my son doing some sort of dance on second base. Baseball moves a little slow for seven-year-old boys.

Emily's Kindergarten Celebration

It's official, Emily is done with kindergarten and ready for first grade. Her kinder celebration was amazing! Larry, Lathaniel, Grandma, Grandpa, and I were all there to celebrate her special moment. Emily sangs songs with her class; her teacher, Mrs. Slade, gave a heartfelt goodbye; there was a fabulous slide show of their kinder year; and then each student was given a portfolio demonstrating how much they grew over the last 180 days. (Okay, it was more like 170 because kindergarteners are always getting extra days off.) I am so proud of my Emily!

Ashlyn is part mermaid

There is no mermaid-like tail on this swimming beauty, but I think if she could grow one she would.

June 5th at Howard Amon Park

Darrien was mushroom hunting with Larry, Grandpa, and Grandma, so Ashlyn, Emily, Lathaniel, and I went over to Howard Amon Park for some fun in the sun.