Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obviously I am terrible at keeping a blog up, but here's another feeble attempt at capturing what's happening in my family. Maybe I can at least be more frequent than every two years.

A lot has happened over the last two years, but since I can't remember most of it because I didn't write it down...Here is what's happening right now.

It's Spring Break! We have been spending a lot of time lounging around and doing a lot of nothing. We have managed to squeeze in a walk and a trip to the park.

Darrien has started baseball again. Larry and I are going to try to sign Ashlyn up for softball and Emily up for t-ball or coach pitch, but we keep forgetting to go do it and we're late. Yes, I probably shouldn't include all the details of incompetence in our blog, but what else would I write about. Lathaniel is a growing two year old who is by far the most mild-tempered child we have.

So that's it. I will post some great pics, which I am good at doing, and try to update more frequently.

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