Saturday, April 16, 2011

Darrien's Baseball Game

Eight o'clock in the morning was a vey early start for the baseball game this morning. Darrien's first question to Coach, "Why do we have to play at 8:00 in the morning?". Coach chuckled.
Darrien played catcher for the first time, which was hard on his knees and his "nuts" (his word, not mine) when he was pummeled with balls from the pitching machine, but he sure looked cute in his stance and gear.
Darrien excels in three areas:
1. Keepng score
2. Talking to his coach and his teammates
3. Looking like a baseball player

Darrien's baseball game (a poem)

Darrien, centerfield
His smile spills across his face
He counts the outs and watches intently.
All while jabbering on and on to his coach
And the players surrounding him.
I watch the other players.
One sits in the grass
And I think, at least he's not settled
In for the long outfield wait
On his bum.

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